Consultation Services

New Investor Consulting


Looking to start a career in real estate?  Want to avoid the new investor potholes?  Join our new investor consulting program and work with a team of experienced investors, realtors, contractors, etc.  Here at Real Estate Related you'll have the opportunity to learn how to research properties, analyze deals, estimate construction cost, and determine your deal will profit and cash flow!  We'll help you find a property, get you the funding, manage the project, and execute your exit strategy. 

Project Management


Are you an investor working on multiple projects?  Do you need an experienced project manager to assist with completing your projects?   Here at Real Estate Related leverage our 16 years of project management experience in residential flips and rental property. 

Become a Portfolio Investor


Invest in Real Estate without being involved with Real Estate!  Earn between 8% - 20% ROI by  taking advantage of our knowledge and experience in flipping and rental properties.  We have an experience team of that will make you money while you sleep and it's all secured by Real Estate!