Investment Opportunities


Become a Referral Affiliate

Here at Real Estate Related your referrals are appreciated!  Do you know anyone selling a house?  Do you know anyone in need of funding for a project?  Do you know any business owners in need of funds?  As a referral affiliate with us, you will receive anywhere between $250 - $500 based on your referrals! 


Become an Affiliate Investor

Our affiliate investor programs are available to everyone,  not just our seasoned investors.  Partner up with Real Estate Related and earn 10% - 20% yearly returns on your investment.  You have the unique opportunity to invest with real estate investors on various projects.  Real Estate Related loans are short term 6-12 month investment opportunities so you're not locked in for years!


Become an Affiliate Loan Originator

Partner with Real Estate Related and become an affiliate loan originator.  Help your real estate network and investors to have access to funding for all their Real Estate Related needs.  We offer training, and competitive compensation to show our partners how to earn an additional monthly income!


Files coming soon.